About IndustrialSage

We have observed industrial corporations struggling to reach their growth objectives because their standard marketing and sales process prohibits them from reaching their target customers in a digital landscape.

Many organizations have relied on long standing relationships and have never needed to have any kind of sales & marketing strategy to reach their goals.

Everyday there is a growing number of industrial buyers that are now Millennials and they don’t make purchase decisions the same way as their predecessors.

Additionally, the industry is suffering by not attracting the next generation of talented individuals to join the workforce, because the of the false perception that it does not have the same prestige as other industries.

The industry and workforce is changing whether you are ready or not.

Over 70% of millennials are involved in making B2B purchase decisions

This is why we have created IndustrialSage

 An open platform where industrial companies can showcase their expertise and solutions to a captive audience of industrial buyers seeking solutions to their problems.

IndustrialSage is a community of engaged professionals that love the industrial and manufacturing industry and want to see it continue to flourish.

We Made IndustrialSage For You!

We have developed a rich set of opportunities that you can leverage on our platform to reach your target market and grow your organization. 

This is just the beginning.

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