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Welcome to our free weekly video podcast all about digital marketing for industrial companies! Hear interviews with other professionals and find out how they’re solving the same challenges that you might be facing in your manufacturing or logistics business.

If you know you need to begin phasing out traditional print marketing techniques, but you’re unsure about where to start…you’re not alone.

We’ve been there, and so have our guests. Get the best proven strategies, tactics and tips that move the needle.


We’ve felt for a while that we needed a way to channel and distribute our decades of experience in the world of digital marketing; specifically when it comes to manufacturing and industrial companies. It’s a very specialized niche with a lot of common issues and not a lot of experts. We know what it’s like to struggle with lead generation; to fret about the ROI from each resource you pay for; to wonder if trade shows are even valuable anymore; to stare at all the different systems available for marketing automation and wonder, “Where do we even start with this?”

So we finally decided to address those reoccurring dilemmas by starting this video-podcast…or vodcast, if you will.

In short, we want to give you the information you need to make informed decisions when it comes to transitioning from traditional to digital marketing methods. We know what you’re going through, and so we want to help.


You can subscribe to get the weekly episode sent straight to your inbox: then you can watch the videos, or download the podcasts and listen during your commute.

We also offer access to free and downloadable marketing assets like a Persona Builder; a marketing survey and resulting report on the current State of Manufacturing; and a Digital Marketing Content Planner that you can customize to your brand (there’s even a video tutorial on how to use it).

Best of all, if you have particular marketing challenges in your business, you can let us know and we can discuss the topic on the show – and even send you a free t-shirt, to boot.

So strap in, sages.

It’s time to finally dig through…the pile. You know, that stack of old manuscripts and scattered marketing ideas that you scribbled on sticky notes and then forgot. They got shoved to the corner of your workstation, or maybe even stuffed in the bottom of a desk drawer that you have for just such an occasion (you scoundrel).

Digital integration, automation, personalization…all those things are no longer out of reach. We’re here to turn you into your own IndustrialSage, one episode at a time.


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