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Back in 1994, engineer Oscar Wong never would have imagined that his hobby of brewing beer in his basement would evolve into a thriving Asheville destination brewery with volleyball courts, disc golf, hiking trails, and a rooftop bar.

Highland Brewing is dedicated to serving both the culture and the environment of the Southern Appalachian mountains where they’re located in North Carolina: employing a gigantic globally-ranked solar array, and putting special effort into reducing waste production to decrease their carbon footprint.

Meet The sponsors

Poised to celebrate 100 years as a business in 2027, Miura is the largest industrial boiler manufacturer in the world. They build modular steam boilers with compact footprints, fast response times, low emissions, and unparalleled safety for the workplace.

Headquartered in Rockmart, Georgia (just an hour outside of Atlanta), Miura is proud to be one of only 9 factories in Georgia to carry the SHARP certification for safety; because all of their products are created with a special focus on efficiency, reliability, and safety.


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