Tackling the World's Tire Problem | CM Shredders

Ever wondered what happens to used tires? Discover the untold story of tire disposal from CM Shredders. Tires are resilient and built to last, which makes them a challenge to recycle. Witness firsthand the massive tire piles, some with over 20 million tires, and learn how CM Shredders is finding solutions to this global waste issue.

Headquartered in Sarasota Florida, CM Shredders designs and manufactures the world’s most advanced industrial shredding and recycling systems. Their cutting-edge, patented knife technology is not only designed to process discarded tires, but is also implemented in the rest of their product portfolio that includes industrial shredders, wire liberators, granulators, fiber separation, and more. With over 400 installations spanning 5 continents in 28 countries, CM Shredders is making sure that rubber and other industrial waste is properly handled and separated for better recycling solutions.

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Author: IndustrialSage

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