We Create & Distribute Custom Branded Content for You


We create content your marketing team can use to generate more leads and content your sales team can use to close more sales.

We create branded content featuring your brand, published on IndustrialSage.com. Customized for each social channel and optimized for your target audience with the IndustrialSage Marketing Platform.

We adapt your existing assets for the IndustrialSage Marketing Platform and social web to improve engagement and view-through. Create managed brand awareness & lead generation campaigns.

We extend your current brand assets through managed campaigns targeting the right audiences across social, leveraging the IndustrialSage Marketing Platform.



We position your custom branded content in front of your ideal prospects and customers.

When we distribute your custom branded content on our platform we leverage both paid targeting and organic audience distribution. 

This means that you’re investing into the people you want to see your content, not a generic audience. 

No trade magazine or media company has the capabilities to create this type of proprietary campaign.

We can even tell you what companies viewed your content. In some cases how often and how much.


Average weekly results from a campaign:

Impressions: 2,500+

Click-Thru Rate: 2%

The Top 25 Companies You Want To Reach

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