Exploring Computer Vision and AI to Improve Material Handling

Hear from Kristiyan Georgiev, the Leader of the Computer Vision Team at MHS Global, about their robotic singulation system that features a combination of both computer vision and an evolving, learning artificial intelligence system.

MHS Global is a worldwide provider of material handling automation and software solutions, mainly for the industrial and distribution spaces. From parcel sorting to conveyor design to ecommerce fulfillment, their equipment and robotics are customized to optimize every warehouse according to each customer’s needs. They’re based in Louisville, Kentucky… but you can find their 2,500+ employees worldwide throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.


Don’t miss the live panel discussion featuring Kristiyan Georgiev, Computer Vision Team Leader for MHS Global; Niki Paulson, Industrial Marketing Director for Schneider Electric; and Danny Gonzales, CEO of IndustrialSage!

Listen in and join the panelists as they discuss the intricacies about the story and the making of this episode, the challenges facing modern material handling companies, the moral quandaries of developing artificial intelligence systems for automation, and the untested concept of focusing on human stories in the manufacturing and B2B space.


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Kristiyan Georgiev
MHS Global
Niki Paulson
Schneider Electric
Danny Gonzales

This Episode Features

The companies interviewed in this series employ Schneider Electric technologies to achieve their many accomplishments.

Schneider provides energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability. They are dedicated to sharing the stories of their valued partners, and aspire to continue helping every industry to build a better future for all of us.


Author: IndustrialSage

IndustrialSage has partnered with Schneider Electric to highlight stories of innovation, and of the people driving change in the industrial and manufacturing space. There are so many exciting developments in this field that go unseen, and unsung. We want to shine the light on companies and the human beings that are helping to shape our future.