In-Studio Hosted Webinar with Your Remote Guests


In the "sea-of-same", this is how you stand out. Communicate your message with a professional host and avoid the same "boring" office and webcam environment that everyone else is using.


Whether you want the streamlined look of frosted glass, your own shining logo, or a gleaming Atlanta skyline;  request a customized banner  ahead of time to make your videos stand out more than ever.


No matter the design of your brand, our changing collection of LED lights can switch hues at the snap of a finger to match your corporate color scheme.


Whether you want to display your company logo, a looping video, presentation data, or even a video chat, our 4k HD TV screens have you covered.


Add-On Options

Account-Based Targeting/Promotion

We run account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns. We match your target companies against the 13+ million LinkedIn Pages. When you provide us your prospect’s professional demographics we are able to get your video(s) in front of those professionals.

Guide decision makers along their buying journey—and drive more qualified leads.

We anticipate your video to receive between 5,200 and 10,500 impressions. Once you submit your target audience, we will provide an updated estimate of impressions.


Live Streaming Creates Active Engagement

People are watching more video-based content than ever before. … On top of that, live streaming can be great for your business because it allows users to engage with your brand in multiple ways at the same time.

We can live stream your content real-time or stream it “live” at a later date.

Streaming platform options are based upon your brand’s availability.

Options include: LinkedIn, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Twitter, Twitch and YouTube.

Webinar Video Content Package

Continue to leverage your webinar long after the long form video is published.

We segment your webinar into bite-sized videos that your marketing and sales team can leverage on your website and social channels.

We create a simple intro and outro “bumper” with your branding, logo and slogan.

We expect to create between 7 and 12 videos from the webinar.

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