Meet the Sages

Danny Gonzales

An Atlanta native, Danny discovered his passion for video production while volunteering as a missionary in Mexico after high school. Later, his extensive career experience in the world of digital video creation and marketing with companies throughout Georgia led him to found Optimum Productions, a full-service video marketing company in March of 2007.

Danny’s personal mission in life is to not only spur creativity and drive results, but also to be actively involved and to consistently present positive and meaningful messages for the betterment of our local community, and the world at large.

Danny has over fifteen years of experience in marketing strategy and video production working nationally and internationally. Maintaining a detailed marketing strategy, meaningful business insights, and creative vision gives Danny the unique ability to routinely exercise his left and right brain equally on a daily basis for his clients. His unique talents, approach, and accomplishments are unmatched as he continually garners award-winning results including nine Telly Awards for client productions.

He is driven by results, ROI, and ultimately solving clients’ challenges with innovative video solutions.

Danny resides in Cumming, GA with his wife Julie, and they have been blessed with three beautiful children. Danny also enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, cooking on the Big Green Egg, flying his drone, watching movies, and one day getting his pilot’s license.

 Judson Voss

In February of 2006, Judson recorded his first podcast episode. At the time there was no one in the real estate investing vertical providing any free information, so his strategy was to give away as much of it as he could, to build relationships, help people, and hopefully get them interested in learning more and investing in their education through him. He had no idea what content marketing was– or that he was doing it.

One year, a lot of hard work, 15,000 podcast subscribers, and 22,000 email subscribers later… he was hooked!

Today Judson helps companies, large and small, to develop sophisticated digital marketing and lead generation strategies. He loves the detail and logic that goes into fostering relationships through digital means for multi-channel, multi-influencer, long sales cycle accounts, and more. Mostly, he loves how using experience and really creative messaging helps to increase revenues. So much has changed over the years, but one thing hasn’t. He still gets excited every day to create compelling content, promote it to the right people, and have them say, “yes” to what we are selling!

Marketing is all about finding a problem, serving a need, and letting the world know that you care enough to fix what ails them.

Judson’s other (and to be honest, greatest) passion today are two beautiful women. At 44 years old he found the love of his life, Jamie Voss; and since then, they have had by far the most beautiful little baby girl that has every walked the face of this earth: Jamie-Cate. No bias here…