I have been growing and scaling small and medium businesses internationally for 20 years. Worked in seven countries holding executive roles. Industries: Oil and Gas, Management Consulting, Engineering and Construction. I live in London, and I work as a strategic and leadership advisor, executive and business coach, facilitator, and speaker. I earned the Executive Master in Management at IE Business School in Madrid, and I am a Certified Executive Coach at Centre of Executive Coaching in Florida, US. My passion and expertise are on helping small-medium business owners and executives to go to the next level, by helping them to get more CLARITY on their personal and business VISION, aspirations, current roadblocks, and define the ultimate goals, build the right STRATEGY to avoid stagnation, get MORE CLIENTS and rebuild MOMENTUM, hire, build and develop THEIR TEAM to make sure they can step up their game and become the new leaders in their organization, expand INTERNATIONALLY by evaluating options, strategies, and partnerships. I also support individuals to raise as leaders, build their own influence within and outside the organization to get a fast-track career and be ready for their next thing. My clients have one thing in common. They have chosen courage over comfort, results over status, impact over status quo. They don't settle for average results." />

Andrea Petrone

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