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Excelling Beyond COVID-19; VDG is Modernizing Conveyor Systems with Efficient, Safe, & Reliable Drum Motors

Van der Graaf has managed to maintain an intact supply chain throughout the pandemic, and has even released a new IronGrip™ Lagging System.

OMNIA ROTACASTER’s Tim Strube, Global Business Development Interviewed at MODEX 2020

OMNIA wheels enable unique conveyor transfers on which products can be easily redirected, diverted, sorted, aligned and rotated.

Picavi’s Johanna Bellenberg, Director of Marketing and Communications Interviewed at MODEX 2020

Picavi GmbH is an award-winning, well-recognized full-service provider of intralogistics and wearable expertise to Pick-by-Vision solutions.

ForwardX Robotics’ Nicholas Temple Interviewed at MODEX 2020

ForwardX Robotics has developed world’s most cutting-edge AI-powered robotics, robot vision, and self-driving technology.

AutoGuide Mobile Robots’ Robert Sullivan, President and CEO Interviewed at MODEX 2020

AutoGuide Mobile Robots designs, develops, and manufactures heavy-duty industrial AMRs and AGVs for multiple industries.

Pallet Alliance’s Tyson Steffens & Mike Jones, Interviewed at MODEX 2020

Pallet Alliance takes a holistic approach to pallet program management that’s far more than just quoting pallet prices.

Heli’s General Manager, Wang Chao, Interviewed at MODEX 2020

Anhui Heli is a mechanical or industrial engineering company based out of ANHUI. IndustrialSage interviewed Wang Chao, their General Manager.

Körber Supply Chain’s Pieter Feenstra, Chief Sales Officer Interviewed at MODEX 2020

Körber is a supply chain solution provider with a range of proven solutions to fit your size, business strategy, and appetite for growth

NORDOCK’s Shawn Ward, VP Sales & Marketing Interviewed at MODEX 2020

NORDOCK ® is a proud provider of innovative solutions built to handle the demand of even the toughest of warehouse environments.

Toshiba Earns Group Purchasing Organization Contract

Toshiba America Business Solutions has won a contract with HPS: supporting schools, healthcare and senior living organizations across 26 states.