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Investing In the Future of the Workforce

Madeline Paschal and Lana Arpin discuss the Acuity Brands Leadership Program and its impact on young talent entering the workforce.

Chart Industries: Judson Voss, on What Inbound Marketing Is

Judson Voss of Chart Industries joins us to discuss a big buzzword in today’s digital, industrial, and B2B marketing space: inbound marketing.

Women of the Industry

Leslie West and Katriona Hartin join Catherine Bruce to discuss how far things have come for women in the industry since their careers began.

Women of Lithonia

On Lithonia Lighting®'s 75th anniversary, Catherine dives into the history of women in the company with Tricia Foster and Amra Boucher.

Drift: Chris Handy, on Streamlining the Sales Process with Chatbots

Chris Handy of Drift explains how companies can use chatbots to enhance the customer experience and accelerate their sales process.

Amber Lighting | Balancing People & Environmental Needs

Eric Gibson and Rochelle Rivers dig into how amber lighting can help reduce the negative impact of artificial lighting on plants and animals.

Dark Sky

Eric Gibson discusses the idea of a dark sky: producing sufficient light while eliminating unwanted uplight, when designing for outdoors.

Flex: Paul Baldassari

Paul Baldassari of Flex Manufacturing joins the Executive Series to share how their company pivoted abruptly in response to Covid-19.

Residential Boom Meets Technology Revolution

Dennis Noyce explains how the Covid pandemic has impacted the residential boom and that segment's lighting opportunities immensely.

Digital Design Tools

Scott Butler discusses how people visualize products more virtually, thanks to some new and innovative digital design marketing tools.