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ForwardX Robotics: Nic Temple

ForwardX Robotics has just opened their first properties in the U.S, and Nic Temple is their Vice President of Sales in America!

Blockchain: Transforming The Manufacturing & Supply Chain Industry

Linda Goetze, President & CEO of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce, joins us with member Michael Darden to explain what blockchain is– and how great...

Bringing Sexy Back – How Can A Supply Chain Podcast Have Thousands of Listeners?

Many manufacturers & logistics companies think their work isn’t “sexy” or interesting– but there are more eager ears in the world than they might realize…

Topper Industrial: Ed Brown

Before he got into lean manufacturing, Ed Brown (CEO of Topper Industrial) grew up assuming he might not even graduate from high school, let alone...

How Pick By Vision Is Revolutionizing Warehouse Productivity Worldwide

Johanna Bellenberg, director of marketing for Picavi, shares with us how pick by vision is revolutionizing warehouse productivity worldwide.

JBT Corporation: Cory Flemings

Cory Flemings of the AGV Division for JBT Corporation shares the business' rich history of going from food machinery to autonomous technology.

How Segmenting Account-Based Marketing Increases Manufacturers’ Sales

Catherine Bruce, VP of Product Marketing for Acuity Brands, joins us to share how segmenting account-based marketing can increase manufacturers’ sales.

Key Benefits of Building Brand Affinity With Video

Chris Lavigne, Director of Video for Wistia, explains how marketers can build brand affinity for their companies with video– regardless of budget!

How Manufacturers Can Improve Marketing, Sales, & Customer Performance with CRM Automation

45% of manufacturers don't use CRM automation because it seems like pretty time-consuming, potentially-expensive software. But the benefits are clear!

Why Manufacturers Must Establish An Ecommerce Sales Channel | IndustrialSage Episode 125

“Today in IndustrialSage Ep125, Rohan Thambrahalli of UpstartWorks (formerly the Upstart Group) in Chicago joins us to talk ecommerce!”