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CCS Dualsnap: Paul Konrath

Paul Konrath of CCS Dualsnap returns to the show to share about how his career started and how their company fared during the pandemic.

Customer Satisfaction

This week, Acuity Brands’ Senior Manager of Customer Experience, Heather Drust, shares just how valuable customer feedback can be.

Executive Interview: Karen Holcom

Karen Holcom shares her story as one of the first female executives of Acuity Brands, and how she has come to embrace this leadership role.

Minorities Amplifying Growth, Inclusion, and Community (MAGIC)

Chrystal Neely shares how the MAGIC program helps to bring diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Ad Victoriam Solutions: Jeff Jones

CEO Jeff Jones shares the challenges he faced when deciding to not just found Ad Victoriam Solutions, but pursue a B Corp certification.

Executive Interview: Brad Picht of Graybar

Brad Picht of Graybar shares life lessons and the shifts he’s witnessed in the lighting industry since he first started.

How to Meet Life Safety Code

Jon Carter discusses selecting emergency lights to meet safety code, and a disturbing industry trend of buyers cutting corners to save money.

How to Attend Remote Interviews or Virtual Events

Got a new virtual event or a remote interview coming up? You’re not alone. But have you ever attended one where things just… didn’t go...

Executive Interview: Pat Murphy

Pat Murphy has spent his entire career in the electrical industry and shares some of the lessons that have impacted him through the years.

Lighting for K-12 Spaces

Tom Schumaker explains how summer vacation is a prime season for K-12 schools to improve their classroom lighting and controls.