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TGW Logistics: Chad Zollman

Chad Zollman of TGW shares major milestones of his career, and the challenge of making business decisions as markets regularly shift.

Stryten Energy: Tim Vargo

Tim Vargo of Stryten discusses the interwoven world of automation, infrastructure, domestic manufacturing, and the evolving energy industry.

Gap Inc. Presented with Sortie Award by Kindred Powered by Ocado

Kindred Ai (Powered by Ocado) presented Keven Kuntz of Gap, Inc. with the Most Valuable Client "Sortie Award," of 2021 at MODEX.

Kindred Powered by Ocado Presents Their New AI-Powered INDUCT Robotic System

Introducing INDUCT, Kindred's AI-powered robotic system designed to alleviate capacity shortages in fulfillment and ecommerce facilities.

InOrbit: Florian Pestoni

Florian Pestoni of InOrbit discusses the challenges of creating company culture, scaling robotics companies, and adopting industry automation.

GMR Safety’s Jay Jetté Interviewed at MODEX 2022

Jay Jetté of GMR Safety shares about their lifesaving wheel-blocking system known as the Power Chock™ to secure vehicles at loading docks.

ThruWave’s Matt Reynolds Interviewed at MODEX 2022

Matt Reynolds of ThruWave shares about their 3D vision equipment, which allows users to see inside of their packaged goods without X-Rays.

Seegrid’s Jeff Christensen Interviewed at MODEX 2022

Jeff Christensen of Seegrid shares about their software, large-scale pallet movers, tuggers, pallet jacks, and new automated lift trucks.

Van der Graaf’s Alex Kanaris Interviewed at MODEX 2022

Alex Kanaris of Van der Graaf shares about their American-made drives and drum motors which contain both an electric motor and gear reducer.

Tecsys Inc’ Guy Courtin Interviewed at MODEX 2022

Guy Courtin of Tecsys Inc shares about their supply chain management software for healthcare, third-party logistics, and B2B companies.