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Switchable Technology

Andrew Banovic and Brad Dobbs help shed some light on the rise of switchable technology within the lighting industry.

Ultraviolet Disinfection Technology

Gary Trott returns to dive deeper into how each uv disinfection technology works, and which is best for different environments.

Eurokera: Mathias Konne, On the Importance of Brand

This week Mathias Konne of EuroKera discusses the immense need for (and challenges of) building a coherent company brand online.

Circuitronix: Eric Shumway, On Migrating to Digital Marketing As a Manufacturer

Like other manufacturers, Eric was initially skeptical about migrating Circuitronix to digital marketing… but tangible results won him over!

Introduction to Ultraviolet Disinfection Technology

Gary Trott, Acuity Brands' Vice President of Technology, discusses how ultraviolet lighting as a means for disinfection is on the rise.

Databox: Brian Moseley, on Best Practices for Building a Martech Stack

Brian Moseley of Databox shares about the exponential boom in marketing software available, and best practices to build your Martech stack.

Innovating the Warehouse in a Time of Change

Join Amanda and Mark of Zebra Technologies for a webinar to discuss Innovating the Warehouse in a Time of Change.


Cheryl English and Michael Shaw explain how to write off equipment purchased during a building renovation using the 2020 CARES Act.

Mass Robotics: Tom Ryden

Tom Ryden, Executive Director of Mass Robotics, shares the story of how he got into robotics, and some of his career's most pivotal moments.

Utility Rebates

This week on Acuity Brands® Bright Ideas, Will Walker of Encentiv Energy discusses the role of utility rebates in the lighting industry.