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Executive Series Highlights

In today's executive series episode, we want to take a moment and reflect on a few of our past executives and highlight some of their...

MXD Process: Daniel Loeschen – Is Social Media for Manufacturers Actually Helpful?

Daniel Loeschen, Marketing Director of MXD Process, shares how investing in the company website and social media catapulted them ahead of the competition.

MCJ Supply Chain Solutions: Kai Beckhaus

Kai Beckhaus of MCJ Supply Chain Solutions discusses the intricacies of learning how to interweave IoT, robotics, and the human element in manufacturing.

Terminus: Sangram Vajre, on Account-Based Marketing for B2B Manufacturers

Sangram Vajre of Terminus and FlipMyFunnel breaks down what Account-Based Marketing is, and why manufacturers need to start using it.

Nathan Williams of Minespider on Blockchain

Nathan Williams is back! The CEO and Founder of MineSpider joins us to talk about the deeper ramifications that blockchain may have on manufacturing.

Using Video Content to Generate Leads and Sales from MODEX

Why would IndustrialSage film over 150 companies for free at MODEX? Could companies using video content like that actually generate measurable revenue?

MineSpider: Nathan Williams

Nathan Williams, CEO & Founder of Minespider, shares the story of his journey and how he sees blockchain revolutionizing the manufacturing industry.

Siemens Digital Factory: Bhaskar Chopra – Key Tips to Sharpen Your Presentation Skills

We've all had to sit through long, dragging speeches and powerpoints. Bhaskar Chopra of Siemens shares tips to sharpen your presentation skills.

Advance Storage Products: John Krummell

John Krummell, President of Advance Storage Products, discusses the industry's journey towards increased automation– and how COVID has affected that.

Guy Courtin – How B2B Industrial Business is Shifting into E-Commerce

Guy Courtin, formerly of Infor, explains how today's monumental shift in buyer habits makes ecommerce for B2B companies no longer an option– but a necessity.