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We interviewed over 150 manufacturers to find out the top challenges and trends of the industry!

Do trade shows still work as valuable sources of lead generation? Are you being held back by the same obstacles as your peers? How are they getting organizational buy-in? Find out by downloading the Industrial Sales & Marketing Insights Report.

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Easily outline your digital marketing strategy, customized to your company without starting from scratch! The Digital Content Marketing Planner includes…

  • A Video Tutorial/Walkthrough
  • A Content Catalog
  • Automation Planning
  • A Social Content Calendar…and more!
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Use this Free, Customizable Buyer Persona eBook to easily organize your research and create thorough, detailed buyer personas.

Learn how to…

  • Ask the right questions during interviews and surveys
  • Format your research in a compelling way
  • Use your personas for segmentation, content mapping, and lead nurturing…and more!
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Video is a popular resource for marketers, but what about your sales team?

Sign up to watch this Free, On-Demand Webinar About How to Use Video In the Sales Process so that your sales team can utilize (and create!) some of your company’s most valuable content assets!

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Check out this free webinar where Danny walks you through the inbound model for all your digital sales & marketing needs!

  • See statistics and studies on digital trends
  • Hear real stories from other manufacturers
  • Learn practical applications to implement change in your own organization

Discover how to make a case for digital in your workplace and set S.M.A.R.T. goals for your sales marketing teams!