This Video Generated $5M Revenue

Use Custom Branded Video Content to WOW Your Prospects

Quickly and effectively explain your value proposition to your prospects.

Vestra Logistics is a revolutionary supply chain solution that focuses on transparent pricing and honest rates that benefit their customers.

Despite their impressive business model, they were struggling to communicate effectively with their prospects.

Their potential shippers didn’t understand their pricing, because it was so unfamiliar to them in comparison to the pricing of traditional third-party logistics companies.

Having grown frustrated with other video firms that were not able to produce the precise communication assets they needed, Vestra sat down with us in a strategic roadmap session and drilled down to the core of their message: transparency.

A Message From the CEO

“I was pitching this myself for a year, and people were going, ‘Nah, I don’t understand that. It looks like you’re trying to screw me or something.’ And now I’ve got a sales guy in a meeting just clicking on these videos, and they’re going, ‘I get it.'”
– Steve Docalavich, President/CEO

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