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Ep 10: The Third Quarter Review for 2017

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Well, September is wrapping up, and for our team here at IndustrialSage, that means a quarterly review! This particular review only has nine episodes, as our video and podcast only got started around early June (though it feels like much longer!) but there is certainly plenty of sagely wisdom worth reviewing here.

We’ve already seen and heard a lot of fantastic information about how manufacturing and industrial marketers can start easing into digital techniques.

In the first two episodes, we discussed what really counts as digital marketing, how B2B strategies will differ from B2C, and the particular questions a business should ask before starting any digital campaigns.

In our third episode, we touched on common reasons why marketers tend to fall short of their goals when getting involved in trade shows, and how an email newsletter and marketing plan can make or break your results there.

In our fourth episode, we got to sit down with Jon Gatrell of Pragmatic Marketing and hear about how product development should evolve according to the results and feedback brought to them by the marketing department.

In our fifth episode, we discussed key ways to bring hard proof to convince your organization that digital strategies are needed.

In our sixth and seventh episode, we got to sit down with Lillie Beiting of CribMaster, part of Stanley Black & Decker, and break down the basics of what pay-per-click is these days, as well as how to begin understanding and measuring the right aspects of it for your company.

In our eighth episode, we discussed some key pitfalls surrounding the use of video in digital marketing, and how your sales funnel can determine what kinds of videos are appropriate for your leads and prospects.

In our ninth episode, Stephen Timme and Melody Astley of FinListics Solutions joined us to nail down how account-based marketing should address the specific needs of each buyer, because those different roles can alter even priorities within a single organization.

Stephen and Melody also brought an extremely helpful graphic portraying an example of different buyers role within a single manufacturing organization. Take a look at the following graphic, or download a copy here.

And the show is far from over, friends. We have a lot of great material coming up for the fourth quarter.

Not to give anything away, but if social media, lead generation, webinars, or millennials haunt your nightmares more than spooky pumpkins, then you especially will want to stay tuned for upcoming episodes.


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