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Ep. 4: Integrating With Product Management, with Jon Gatrell

Don’t sit back and wait for your managers and your product developers to change to suit your needs. Get involved,...
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Ep. 3: Why Trade Shows Are Still Worth It

Despite current doubts in some circles, trade shows are still worth it. The key is to be proactive. Keep marketing...
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Ep. 2: Four Questions Before Starting a Digital Marketing Campaign

“Okay, you’re right. We do need to make that transition from traditional over to digital. But… where do we start?...
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Ep. 1: Why Digital Is Critical

Why digital marketing? Why now? Should you drop traditional methods like a hot potato, or make the transition more gradual?
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Ep. 0: The Beginning

Welcome to IndustrialSage. We’re here to helping manufacturing and industrial marketers such as yourself to drive revenue. Specifically, we’re going...