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Data-Backed Reasons Why You Need A Company LinkedIn Page

Let's dive into some data-backed reasons why your organization needs a LinkedIn company page, and three strategies to use once it’s built.

Content + Marketing: A Different Way to Build a Strategy

While statistics show that you’re 3x more likely to be successful if you have a strategy, many marketers don’t create one. Why not?

Keeping Score of Your Content: Start Benchmarking in Three Critical Areas

In this guest post, Greg Mischio of Winbound shares the important elements you can use to benchmark the content on your website.

Podcast, Blog, Video: Which Types of Content Should You Create?

Deciding which type of content you should create can be the ultimate conundrum for a marketing department. Which type should you produce?

Shift to Virtual Trade Shows Means New Tactics for Sales and Marketing

Virtual events are significantly different than traditional trade shows and conferences, but they are most definitely here to stay.

Can You Recreate Your Sales Team Virtually?

The digital age isn't totally replacing sales reps, but buyers want the fastest route to answers. That may require a digitized sales team.

6 Essential Case Study Elements: Turning That Client Love Into Social Proof (Examples Included)

What makes a great case study? Check out this analysis of 6 crucial case study elements, brought to you by Winbound on IndustrialSage.

The Most Valuable Piece of Content for Manufacturers: Are You Producing It?

If you’re not creating this kind of content on your website (3 out of 4 manufacturers aren't), you’re missing out on an incredibly powerful marketing...

How Manufacturers Can Get Prospects to Know You, Like You and Trust You

Manufacturers can drive their content marketing by modeling the sales approach of getting prospects to "know you, like you and trust you."